Thursday, December 25, 2008

Barry Robins "Fun Facts"

Birth: January 12, 1945
Death: April 1, 1986
Interests: Cooking, Travel, Classical Music, Opera (he liked this especially), Vedanta, Horses, Dialects
Favorite Food: Sponge Cake (Made by his Aunt Lilly)
Major Appearances In The Media: Bless the Beasts & Children (as John Cotton) Actor (As as a 14-year-old Munya), Columbo (Episode: A Case of Immunity, as The King), The Virginia Graham Show (as Himself), The Rat Patrol (as Ben Nafi), The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (as Chico) The King and I (At Lincoln Center, as The Crowned Prince)
Barry was really good at speaking in different accents, and studied the concept. He could speak in many accents, including: British, French, German, Latino, Asian, Italian, and many others

If anyone knows anything about Barry, please let me know via comment, I would be more than happy to add it onto this blog! :)


  1. For his longtime fans, this blog is fascinating! I am especially intrigued that he studied Vedanta. Do you know if he studied with a particular teacher? The great author, Christopher Isherwood (whose book is the basis for Cabaret) was a student of Vedanta.

  2. Hi Bill! I am glad that you are interested! Yes, he studied Vedanta. At the moment, I do not know if he studied with a particular teacher, but I can and will ask. As a matter of fact, my uncle's ashes were scattered in some kind of a garden, which was a part of the temple he went to for Vedanta. The temple itself is in L.A., where Barry once lived. I do wish to go there someday, for I myself find an interest in Asian religions/culture, especially those from India. That is interesting that this Christopher Isherwood was a student of Vedanta, just like my uncle. I will get back to you on the teacher's name, if my uncle even had one. - Asher Edelson