Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Barry's Literary Work

My uncle, at one point in his life, wrote a pilot intended to become a TV series. The script, he named "Our Days At M.A.D.". His work was stolen, and turned into the movie "Fame". Chris Gore was possibly the man who stole the idea. Fame was basically the story of Our Days At M.A.D., only with the character names changed and perhaps other small alterations. Barry, along with his agent, Ruth Webb, proceeded to recover the script before it became a movie. They were unsuccessful, mainly because Barry was getting sick at the time with AIDS. Of course, at that time, no one knew really that AIDS existed. One day I will pursue Fame somehow and make Our Days At M.A.D. a TV series once and for all. The only problem with pursuing Fame, is that Chris Gore is dead. Barry is dead.
If anyone that views this site knows anything helpful concerning Barry or Fame, feel free to comment!


  1. Asher,

    I see they have released the new remake of "Fame". How do you feel about that?

  2. ddbearings,

    It is upsetting that Chris Gore's name shows up as original writer, instead of Barry Robins. One day hopefully Barry will at last be recognized for this work.