Friday, July 24, 2009

Barry's memorable spot in Hollywood

When I went to L.A. last year with my mother (Barry's sister), we went to his old apartment. Nearby, engraved in the sidewalk cement, Barry Robins' name literally lives on in Hollywood. My mom had said that before his death, a friend of Barry's wrote his name in the cement next to the apartment complex. There it was, preserved finely. Here is the picture:

Cool, huh? And here is something else that should be on the website...

To anyone who knew Barry personally!

If you have any stories or facts you would like to share about my Uncle Barry, please post a comment and I could put it on the site. Also, if you have a picture to share, please tell me what is was of and I can certainly try and post it to the blog! :) :) :)

New Post!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not replied to any of you; I have not been on my blogspot account for a long while, so I have not updated anything. I will reply to each of you and update/fix/correct what needs to be altered. Once more, I apologize for not getting back to any of you.

Look forward to new posts about my uncle!