Monday, February 16, 2009

Proof of Barry Being On Broadway: His Resume

My uncle did star on Broadway at the Lincoln Center. Above in his resume is proof. :) This includes his appearences on stage, on film, on TV, and much more!


  1. I was 14 when I saw Bless the Beasts and Children. No movie I had ever seen up until that time had impacted me like that movie did. Barry Robins was a phenomenal talent and I am so glad you are remembering him through this blog.

  2. Hey guys

    to Det. Shaved Longcock- Thanks :)
    to Bill- It seems you really like my uncle. If you can get a hold of any of his works... which are mentioned on here, you can see more of his life's work. He was a wonderful man, yes, and talented. He is one of my biggest motivations for my own beginning to my life's work, which is writing. I have two published fantasy/adventure novels on amazon, they are called the Adventure Land Series. The two first books have separate titles, and if you want more info, go to