Friday, July 24, 2009

Barry's memorable spot in Hollywood

When I went to L.A. last year with my mother (Barry's sister), we went to his old apartment. Nearby, engraved in the sidewalk cement, Barry Robins' name literally lives on in Hollywood. My mom had said that before his death, a friend of Barry's wrote his name in the cement next to the apartment complex. There it was, preserved finely. Here is the picture:

Cool, huh? And here is something else that should be on the website...


  1. Asher,

    Do you have any photos of your uncle with your mom and your grandparents?


  2. To ddbearings - I do. I can scan them and post, perhaps this weekend, or later. I am only in possession of one, that includes Barry, my grandma (who is Barry's mother), and Molly Pecan (might be spelled Picon?). I am not sure if you told me whether or not you knew Barry personally. Did you? I am trying to find people who knew him personally, so that is why I ask. Thank you.

    Asher E

  3. Unfortunately, I didn't know him personally, but I would have liked to meet him. I wish I could help you there. I found Marc Vahnian's profile in Facebook--maybe you should write to him. I'm going to!