Friday, July 24, 2009

To anyone who knew Barry personally!

If you have any stories or facts you would like to share about my Uncle Barry, please post a comment and I could put it on the site. Also, if you have a picture to share, please tell me what is was of and I can certainly try and post it to the blog! :) :) :)


  1. Asher -

    I had such a teen crush on your Uncle Barry. He was a friend of my sister in the late '70s when they both worked at the Phone Company. I was about 15 then and he was 30. Your uncle was very handsome and he played piano so beautifully. I was smitten immediately. Your uncle introduced me to the cultural side of Los Angeles (which I thought only had a beach to offer). He took me to the Hollywood Bowl, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and to opera. More specifically, he introduced me to Leontyne Price - the operatic sensation of that era. We would spend whole evenings in his apartment on Hollywood and Genesee pouring over his scrapbook and listening to her records. Barry would tell me of her performances at the Met and of his career in New York. I was madly in love with Barry and I repeatedly through myself at him but he was always a gentleman where I was concerned. I found out why years later. I miss Barry Robins to this day and am so glad you've put up this blog.


    - Ted Zepeda

  2. Hello Ted!

    I am very happy you took the time to share this! I'm glad you were so touched by Barry; he was quite the man! If there's anything else you'd like to share, feel free! Take care.

    ~Asher Edelson